How Do You Become A Spellcaster In Sims 4?

How do you become a spellcaster?

How to Become a Spellcaster in Realm of MagicStep 1 – Go through the Portal to the Realm of Magic.

In the new town of Glimmerbrook there’s a portal on the edge of a waterfall at the end of the path from the empty lot.

Step 2 – Find a Sage.

Step 3 – Collect Magical Motes in the Realm of Magic..

How do you become a wizard on Sims 4?

The easiest way to become a wizard is just to create a new occult Sim of the race “Wizard”. Thanks to this, your new Sim at the beginning of the game will be able to start brewing potions or casting spells. However, you can change any Character into a wizard.

Can your Sim be a mermaid and a spellcaster?

@alanmichael1 Yes, you can combine them and as you say, it’s either one or the other but since IL, there seems to be an issue for some (and even before), that they have signs of both and that’s not supposed to happen. So you would have a spellcaster that was also a mermaid which bugs out.

How do I become a spellcaster in Sims 4?

Walk around The Magic Realm and collect seven Motes a.k.a. Floating Purple Orbs. Once collected, return to any of the three Sages and Turn in the Motes – it’s like Spellcasting homework, but better! The Sage will perform the Right of Ascension and your Sim will now be a Spellcaster.