Question: How Do You Say Amanda?

What does the word Amanda means?

a female given name: from a Latin word meaning “beloved.”.

What is Amanda in Korean?

The Korea Herald. The Korea Herald. 5.67K subscribers. Amanda — standing for “don’t meet just anyone” in Korean — is a social dating app that has changed the Korean dating culture.

How do you say Amanda in Hawaiian?

Amanda = Amanaka The Hawaiian language has a limited number of letters and Amanaka is the phonetic translation of Amanda into Hawaiian.

How do you pronounce Klein?

Pronunciation: Rhymes with “mine”.

Can you say Amanda?

Worthy of Love or to Be Loved….Pronounce Names.Pronunciation:uh-Man-duhType of Name:First Name1 more row

How do you say Amanda in Japanese?

That is the name Amanda (when pronounced ah-man-dah) in Japanese katakana is アマンダ with the romaji amanda.