Question: What Is The Rarest Supreme Item?

What is the most expensive Supreme item?

The most expensive item sold was unsurprisingly a piece from Supreme’s recent Louis Vuitton collaboration: the elaborately monogrammed Supreme x Louis Vuitton Malle Courrier 90 Trunk, which went for approx $104,218 USD, according to Hypebeast..

​The 10 Most Expensive Supreme Box Logo T-shirts of All TimeSupreme ‘Swarvoski’ Box Logo (2019)Supreme ‘Sopranos’ Box Logo (1999)Supreme ‘Arabic’ Camo Box Logo (1999)Supreme x Bape Box Logo (1998)Supreme x WTAPS Box Logo (1998)Supreme x Andrei Molodkin Box Logo (2004)Supreme ‘Louis Vuitton’ Box Logo (2000)Supreme x Nate Lowman Sample Box Logo (2007)More items…

Is supreme good quality?

The quality is definitely there. You can tell it isn’t just some cheap shirt made in a factory filled with underage Asian kids. These shirts had more time and effort put into them, to make sure that they are comfortable and good quality.

Is Supreme a luxury brand?

By the end of 2019, Supreme’s box logo has become one of the most recognizable symbols in fashion. … And thanks to its 2017 Louis Vuitton collaboration, and its high resale value, Supreme is now viewed as a luxury brand.

James JebbiaSupreme (brand)Industryclothing industryFounderJames Jebbia (Founder & CEO)HeadquartersNew York City , United StatesNumber of locations12 New York City (2) Los Angeles San Francisco Paris London Tokyo (3) Osaka Nagoya FukuokaProductsClothing, shoes, accessories, skateboards5 more rows

Does Supreme own Louis Vuitton?

However, Highsnobiety’s connections in the industry have come through with something far, far juicier: LVMH, the luxury conglomerate that owns Louis Vuitton, just bought Supreme for $500 million.

How much does Gucci usually cost?

Accessories Are Priced To Move Nonetheless, a luxury bag almost always means a hefty price tag, the next step up in terms of a consumer’s investment. The average price for a Gucci bag rang at $2,377, ranking the highest out of its tony counterparts.

How much does a Supreme hoodie cost?

Unsurprisingly, they cost a lot from resellers— the average price for a bogo hoodie on. That’s a big, big markup from its $148 retail price. Supreme’s fanbase is huge now, and the brand hasn’t changed its less-is-more business model, so copping stuff online is really, really tough these days.

What was the first Supreme item?

Supreme’s first branded T-shirt was simply a photo of Robert De Niro in the film “Taxi Driver” along with the iconic red-and-white logo. And the company’s use of often unlicensed imagery has led to Supreme being served cease-and-desist letters from Louis Vuitton, the NHL, and the NCAA.

Why are Supreme bogos so expensive?

Originally Answered: Why is supreme clothing so expensive? They have limited product drop. … Because their products are highly limited and highly wanted, some people buy these and “resell” the product for 200–500% higher than the retail price! Hypebeasts are the reason that this is still going!

Is supreme a waste of money?

Founder Andrew Lyons is wearing Excellent brand merchandise, the latest in overpriced wearable garbage. The Supreme brand in recent years can be, with utmost certainty, described as the most substantial waste of consumers’ money, with a hoodie costing $650.00.

How much is a supreme sticker worth?

$3 (Sold Price)