Quick Answer: Why Do We Prefer Silicon Or Germanium?

Why germanium is not used in SCR?

Ability to withstand at high temperature: silicon crystals have capability to withstand at higher temperature compare to germanium crystals .

So if leakage current is produced in SCR it heats up the device then silicon crystals can withstand but not germanium crystals..

What are germanium diodes used for?

Germanium diodes are used as the solar cells responsible for absorbing the IR light and converting it into electricity.

What do you mean by Zener breakdown?

The Zener breakdown can be defined as the flow of electrons across the p kind material barrier of the valence band to the evenly filled n-type material conduction band.

What makes silicon so special?

Silicon has the relatively unique property for an element in that it expands when it freezes like water. It has a high melting point of 1,400 degrees Celsius and boils at 2,800 degrees Celsius. The most abundant compound in the Earth’s crust is silicon dioxide.

What is break over voltage?

[′brā‚kō·vər ‚vȯl·tij] (electronics) The positive anode voltage at which a silicon controlled rectifier switches into the conductive state with gate circuit open.

How leakage current is produced?

The leakage current in equipment flows when an unintentional electrical connection occurs between the ground and an energized part or conductor. … These results into small current leaking or flowing through the through the dielectric, in the case of a capacitor.

Why is Germanium a semiconductor?

Germanium atoms have one more shell than silicon atoms, but what makes for the interesting semiconductor properties is the fact that both have four electrons in the valence shell. As a consequence, both materials readily constitute themselves as crystal lattices. Substituted atoms alter the electrical properties.

Why conductivity of germanium is more than silicon?

Each has four valence electrons, but germanium will at a given temperature have more free electrons and a higher conductivity. Silicon is by far the more widely used semiconductor for electronics, partly because it can be used at much higher temperatures than germanium.

What is the difference between silicon and germanium?

Silicon is a chemical element with atomic number 14 and chemical symbol Si while germanium is a chemical element with atomic number 32 and chemical symbol is Ge. The key difference between silicon and germanium is that Germanium has d electrons, but Silicon does not have any d electrons.

Why leakage current is more for germanium diode?

In Germanium and Silicon diodes, leakage current is only of few microamperes and nanoamperes, respectively. Germanium is much more susceptible to temperature than silicon. For this reason, mostly Silicon is used in modern semiconductor devices.

Which is better silicon or germanium?

The structure of Germanium crystals will be destroyed at higher temperature. However, Silicon crystals are not easily damaged by excess heat. Peak Inverse Voltage ratings of Silicon diodes are greater than Germanium diodes. Si is less expensive due to the greater abundance of element.

Why is the silicon mostly chosen when compared to germanium Mcq?

Why is the silicon mostly chosen when compared to germanium? Explanation: The normal working temperature of germanium is approximately 70°C . The normal working temperature of silicon is approximately 150°C.

Why is silicon used in transistors?

Silicon is used for electronic devices because it is an element with very special properties. … Silicon’s electrical properties can be modified through a process called doping. These characteristics make it an ideal material for making transistors that amplify electrical signals.

Why is Silicon important to the human body?

Silicon is necessary for the growth and bone calcification and as a biological cross- linking agent of connective-tissue-based membrane structures. This element is considered to have beneficial effects on several human disorders, including osteoporosis, ageing of skin, hair and nails or atherosclerosis.

What is silicon and germanium used for?

Silicon-germanium is an important material that is used for the fabrication of SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistors and strained Si metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS ) transistors for advanced complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS ) and BiCMOS (bipolar CMOS) technologies.

Why silicon is preferred over germanium in electronic devices?

There are several reasons Silicon has become the preferred semiconductor in the present, over Germanium. Easy formation of SiO 2 layer in silicon than germanium, during the manufacturing of advanced electronic devices like MOSFETs, etc. Silicon is largely found in sand and so it is very cheap as compared to germanium.

Why silicon is mostly used as semiconductor?

Silicon is used because it can be used as either an insulator (doesn’t allow electricity to flow) or a semiconductor (allows a little flow of electricity). This is important for making chips. Also, it is very, very cheap.

What is a germanium fuzz?

Germanium Warfare Fans of the earliest vintage fuzz pedals swear by the sonic properties of germanium transistors, which tend to be a little softer sounding and more compressed than the silicon transistors that proliferated by the late ’60s.

Is germanium magnetic?

Germanium is considered a technology-critical element….GermaniumElectrical resistivity1 Ω·m (at 20 °C)Band gap0.67 eV (at 300 K)Magnetic orderingdiamagneticMagnetic susceptibility−76.84·10−6 cm3/mol50 more rows

Why is silicon so important?

Plants use silicon to strengthen their cell walls. The element appears to be an important nutrient that helps confer resistance to disease, according to a 1994 paper in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Silicon Valley gets its name from the silicon used in computer chips.

What Colour is silicon?

Silicon is a chemical element with the symbol Si and atomic number 14. It is a hard, brittle crystalline solid with a blue-grey metallic lustre, and is a tetravalent metalloid and semiconductor.